Johnson County Conservation District

Farm Service Agency (FSA)

​2720 W. Commercial St.
Ozark, AR 72949-3408
​(479) 667-8600, ext 2

Programs offered:

  • Farm Loans
    • Guaranteed Loan Program
    • Direct Loan Program
    • Land Contrct Guarantee Program
    • Purpose: Start, purchase, sustain or expand

  • Direct Farm Operating Loans
    • Livestock and feed
    • Farm equipment
    • fuel, farm chemicals, insurance and other operating costs, including family living expenses
    • Minor improvements or repairs to buildings
    • Refinance certain farm-related debts, excluding real estate

  • Direct Farm Ownership Microloans
    • Make a down payment on a farm
    • Build, repair, or improve farm buildings, service buildings, farm dwelling
    • Soil and Water conservation projects
    • May be used as a down payment farm ownership loan
    • May be used in Joint Financing

  • Direct Farm Operating Microloans
    • Essential tools
    • Fencing and trellising
    • Hoop houses
    • Bees and bee equipment
    • Milking and pasteurization equipment
    • Maple sugar shack and processing equipment
    • Livestock, seed, fertilizer, utilities, land rents, family living expenses, and other materials essential to the operation
    • Irrigation
    • GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), GHP (Good Handling Practices), and Organic certification costs
    • Marketing and distribution costs, including those associated with selling through Farmers' Markets and Community
    • Supported Agriculture operations
    • Pay for qualifying OSHA

For more information visit their site: Farm Service Agency