Johnson County Conservation District

​5th Grade Class at Kraus Elementary School

Each year right before the school year ends, the fifth grade class from Kraus Elementary School comes out to Cline Park to enjoy a day of fishing and learning.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission brings about 250 catfish and puts them in the pond.  They also supply nice prizes for the derby.

Some of the students have never fished, so they get to enjoy learning with the help of many volunteers.  There are always lots of parents, grandparents, teachers, city employees and others who come out to help with this event.

There are prizes given for largest catfish, smallest catfish, most catfish etc.

There are learning stations for the students to rotate through when they are not fishing.  We have had snakes, hides and skulls, boat safty, natural foods, tree idea, and others, with lots of people donating their time to teach the students.

The students in the lower grades always look forward to when they get to participate in the fishing derby, and previous students often will come out and help as well.