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The Arkansas Natural Resources Commission requires that all Poultry Feeding Operations in the state register each year.  Each producer is required to complete documents for each farm operated and return them to their local office.  For Johnson County, these forms need to be completed and turned in to the Johnson County Conservation District, along with the $10 registration fee.  

Things that you will need to keep track of annually include:

  • Number of poultry raised
  • Average weight of birds last year (sell weight)
  • Number of flocks raised last year
  • Estimated weight, in tons, of manure or litter generated
  • Number of poultry houses
  • What was done with the manure/litter, and how much, in tons.

                                                 - Land applied


                                                  -Sold or transferred (and to whom)


Under Arkansas law, persons in the state of Arkansas who own or operate Poultry Feeding Operations where 2,500 or more Poultry are housed or confined on any given day will be required to register annually with the Commission and pay a $10.00 fee for each operation. Failure to do so will result in the following penalties:

  • First Offense: Written notice of Non Compliance with the Arkansas Poultry Registration Act.
  • Second Offense: You may be fined up to fifty dollars ($50.00).
  • Third Offense: You may be fined up to five hundred dollars ($500.00).


In order to ensure that you are notified each year of the registration, please ensure that the Johnson County Conservation District has your most current contact information.  If you are a new grower, or have had changes to your poultry operation, or contact information, please complete the contact information below, or you can download the contact sheet and return to our office.

***Please note that the contact information for Poultry Registration is separate from any contracts you may have with the NRCS office, and as such, the contact sheet will need to be completed even if you updated the information with NRCS.***

You can mail, or drop off, your completed registration form and/or your updated contact sheet to us at:

Johnson County Conservation District
Poultry Registration
1619 W. Main St. Suite C

Clarksville, AR 72830